Soil Survey of Dukes County Massachusetts
The following map unit description is from the published "Soil Survey of Dukes County, Massachusetts"

Ba-Beaches. This unit is dominantly nearly level, but some areas adjacent to the ocean are gently sloping. The unit has no plant cover and is continually washed and rewashed by waves. The areas of this unit typically are long and narrow and are 50 to 300 feet wide. The areas range from 5 to 150 acres and make up about 1 .7 percent of the survey area.

This unit consists of deep sand that mainly is fine- or medium- or coarse-textured. Some areas have a gravelly or cobbly surface. The area nearest to the water is inundated twice daily by tides. The entire beach generally is flooded by spring tides and storm tides. Included with this unit in mapping are small areas of Udipsamments, rolling, and small areas of Matunuck and Pawcatuck soils. Also included are areas of sand dunes with no plant cover. Included areas make up about 15 percent of this unit.

Beaches are mainly used for recreation and are not assigned to a capability subclass.

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