Soil Survey of Dukes County Massachusetts
The following map unit description is from the published "Soil Survey of Dukes County, Massachusetts"

Ur-Urban land. This unit consists of nearly level to moderately steep areas where urban works and structures such as buildings, industrial areas, and other paved areas cover at least 85 percent of the surface. The areas are irregular in shape and range from 5 to 200 acres. They make up nearly 1 percent of the survey area.

Included with this unit in mapping are many small areas where the original soil material has been disturbed by construction and areas where fill has been added. Also included are small areas of undisturbed soils. Included areas make up about 15 percent of this unit.

The soil properties and characteristics of this map unit are so variable that onsite investigation is needed to determine the limitations and suitabilities of the unit for any use.

This unit is not assigned to a capability subclass.

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