New England Soil Profiles

Enfield Series

Ruler in inches
Enfield soils are well drained soils formed in silty eolian material 15 to 40 inches thick underlain by glacial outwash deposits. Enfield Official Series Description

This profile has the following morphology: 0 to 5 inches, silt loam Ap horizon, 5 to 26 inches, silt loam, Bw1, Bw2, and Bw3 horizons, 26 to > 56 inches (the A and B horizons are a wind-blown deposit called loess), 2C horizons consisting of stratified sand and gravel (glacial fluvial deposits). A strata of fine and medium sand occurs from 43 to 47 inches..

Photo by Jim Turenne, Photo Location: Fisherville Brook Audubon property located in Exeter, RI.
Lat: 41 degrees, 35 minutes, 4 sec.
Lon: 71 degrees, 34 minutes, 0 seconds.

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