New England Soil Profiles

Redoximorphic Features (a.k.a Soil Mottles)

This photo shows redox concentrations (bright yellowish-brown colors 10YR5/6 munsell color), redox depletions (gray colors - 2.5Y 6/1 colors) with a pale yellowish-brown matrix color (2.5Y 5/3 munsel color).

This photo shows a redox depletion (5BG 6/0 munsell color) along a dead root channel (visible in the center) with redox concentrations (10YR 5/6) around the depleteion.

Photographs showing redoximorphic features (soil mottling) which are color patterns in the soil formed by the oxidation and reduction of iron and/or manganese caused by saturated conditions within the soil. Redoximorphic features are used to estimate the depth to seasonal high watertable.

For a complete description of redoximorphic features obtain the publication:
Vepraskas, M.J. 1995 (revised) Redoximorphic Features for Identifying Aquic Conditions. Technical Bulletin 301, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

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