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Pedon Narrative Description
DATE Sampled: 05/12/1992

Soil Series: MERRIMAC

Map Unit Name: Merrimac sandy loam, 3 to 8 percent slopes

Component Name: Merrimac

Component Kind:

Site Identification #: 92MA023007

Map Unit Symbol: 254B Note ID: Yield ID:

Laboratory Information

Lab Pedon #: 2325401 Source Lab Id:

Location Information

Soil Survey Area #: 023 MLRA: 149B

County FIPS Code:

County Name: Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Soil Survey Area Name: Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Location Description: Wareham Quadrangle (middle eastern section), town of Plymouth, MA, 400' east of Wareham Road, 700' west of Deer Pond, 6100 ft. due south of where Agawam Rd. crosses power lines.

Quadrangle Name: Wareham Quadrangle

Latitude: 41 degrees 49 minutes 13.0 seconds N

Longitude: 70 degrees 37 minutes 45.0 seconds W

UTM Zone: UTM Easting: UTM Northing:

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Pedon Category: Modal pedon for map unit

Slope Characteristics Information
Slope: 5 percent
Aspect: 225 degrees
Horizontal Shape: Concave

Elevation: 110.0 feet

Local: Outwash Plain
Major: Glaciofluvial Landform *

Geographically Associated Soils: Carver, Windsor, Freetown, Deerfield

Geomorphic Position: on lower third, back slope, of a interfluve

Type of Erosion: water erosion

Degree of Erosion: Class 1

Classification: ____ , ____ , ____ , ____ , ____ ____

Moisture Regime: Udic moisture regime

Landuse: Forest land not grazed
Stoniness: 0.00 percent
Permeability: Rapid

Natural Drainage Class: SWED

Parent Material: Eolian-sand and silt over weathered glacial outwash from igneous-granite.

Vegetative Information
Plant Name: Scarlet Oak, Pitch Pine, Scrub Oak, White Pine, Huckleberry, Fern

Described by: Jim Turenne, Jason Tsolas (volunteer)

Notes: Weather - showers, overcast, 50 degrees F.; soil may fit into the Riverhead Series, need to check; Buttermilk Bay Watershed; samples of Bw1, Bw2, Bw3, & C1 horizon taken for sampling; correlation box taken.


Oi-- 1 to 0 inches; very dark gray (5YR 3/1) partially decomposed organic matter; clear smooth boundary.

Oe-- 0 to 0.5 inches; very dark gray (5YR 3/1) mucky peat; abrupt smooth boundary.

E--0.5 to 3 inches; 75 percent light brownish gray (10YR 6/2) and 25 percent brown (10YR 5/3) coarse sand; single grain; loose; common fine and medium roots throughout; 4.8 Bromthymol blue; clear wavy boundary. Thin discontinuous Bs horizon 7.5YR 5/4, below E horizon.

Bw1-- 3 to 17 inches; yellowish brown (10YR 5/8) coarse sandy loam; massive; very friable; common coarse roots throughout and common medium throughout and common fine throughout; 5.2 Chlorophenol red; 2 percent subrounded mixed gravel; gradual wavy boundary.

Bw2--17 to 21 inches; yellowish brown (10YR 5/6) coarse sandy loam; massive; very friable; common very fine and fine roots; 5.2 Chlorophenol red; 5 percent subrounded mixed gravel; gradual wavy boundary.


Bw3--21 to 31 inches; yellowish brown (10YR 5/6) sandy loam; massive; friable; common very fine roots; 5.3 Chlorophenol red; 5 percent subrounded mixed gravel; clear wavy boundary.

2C--31 to 55 inches; light yellowish brown (2.5Y 6/4) gravelly coarse sand; single grain; loose; 5.4 Chlorophenol red; 25 percent subrounded mixed gravel and 5 percent subrounded mixed cobbles; gradual wavy boundary. Pockets of very gravelly COS in C1 horizon; areas lacking coarse fragments in C1 - stratas of COS with small % age of gravel.

2C2--55 to 75 inches; pale yellow (2.5Y 7/4) sand; single grain; loose; 5.4 Chlorophenol red; 5 percent subrounded mixed gravel.

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