Print Date:   03/18/2003
Description Date:   10/18/2001
Describer:   Jim Turenne and Rob Tunstead

Site ID:   MA023-2001-65202-Udorthents,refuse-S
Site Notes:    
Pedon ID:   MA023-2001-65202-Udorthents,refuse-P
Pedon Notes:    
Lab Source ID:    
Lab Pedon #:    

Soil Name as Described/Sampled:   Udorthents, refuse substratum
Soil Name as Correlated:    

Pedon Type:   modal pedon for map unit
Pedon Purpose:    
Taxon Kind:    
Associated Soils:   Carver, Deerfield, Plymouth, Udipsamments

Location Information
State:   Massachusetts
County:   PLYMOUTH
MLRA:   149B -- Long Island-Cape Cod Coastal Lowland
Soil Survey Area:   MA023 -- Plymouth County, Massachusetts
            Map Unit:   652C -- Udorthents, refuse substratum, rolling
Quad Name:   Wareham, Massachusetts

Location Description:   South Landfill in the town of Carver on USGS Wareham quadrangle.
Legal Description:    

Latitude:   41 degrees 48 minutes 40.70 seconds north
Longitude:   70 degrees 43 minutes 16.30 seconds west
Datum:   NAD83
UTM Zone:   19
UTM Easting:   357037 meters
UTM Northing:   4630255 meters

Physiographic Division:   Atlantic Lowland
Physiographic Province:   Coastal Plain
Physiographic Section:   Embayed section
State Physiographic Area:    
Local Physiographic Area:   Wareham Pitted Outwash Plain

Geomorphic Setting:    
             shoulder of nose slope of sanitary landfill
Upslope Shape:   linear
Cross Slope Shape:   convex

Primary Earth Cover:   grass/herbaceous cover
Secondary Earth Cover:   other grass/herbaceous cover
Existing Vegetation:    

Parent Material:   mine spoil or earthy fill
Bedrock Kind:    
Bedrock Depth:    
Bedrock Hardness:    
Bedrock Fracture Interval:    

Surface Fragments:    

Particle Size Control Section:    

Diagnostic Features:  
ochric epipedon    0 to 41 cm.


Top Depth (cm) Bottom Depth (cm) Restriction Kind Restriction Hardness
abrupt textural change  

Slope (%) Elevation (meters) Aspect (deg) MAAT (C) MSAT (C) MWAT (C) MAP (mm) Frost Free Days Drainage Class Slope Length (meters) Upslope Length (meters)
270 9 20 -2 1200

Ap1--0 to 20 centimeters; dark brown (10YR 3/3) interior, loamy sand; weak fine granular structure; friable; many very fine roots throughout; 10 percent 2- to 76-millimeter mixed rock fragments; clear smooth boundary.

Ap2--20 to 41 centimeters; very dark grayish brown (10YR 3/2) interior, loamy coarse sand; weak fine platy structure; friable; common very fine roots throughout; 5 percent 2- to 76-millimeter mixed rock fragments; abrupt smooth boundary.

C1--41 to 61 centimeters; coarse sand; single grain; loose; 1 percent 2- to 76-millimeter mixed rock fragments; abrupt smooth boundary.

2C2--61 centimeters; massive.