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Pedon Narrative Description
DATE Sampled: 10/01/1992


Map Unit Name: Storm washed gravel

Site Identification #: 92MA023014

Map Unit Symbol: 703 Note ID: Yield ID:

Laboratory Information

Lab Pedon #:2370301 Source Lab Id:

Location Information

Soil Survey Area #: 023 MLRA: 144A

County FIPS Code:

County Name: Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Soil Survey Area Name: Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Location Description: Duxbury quad.

Quadrangle Name: Duxbury Quad

Latitude: 42 degrees 1 minutes 4.0 seconds N

Longitude: 70 degrees 36 minutes 50.0 seconds W

UTM Zone: UTM Easting: UTM Northing:

Photograph #: 69-5B

Description Category: Full pedon description

Pedon Category: Modal pedon for map unit

Slope Characteristics Information
Slope: 1 percent
Aspect: 270 degrees

Elevation: 10.0 feet

Local: Beach
Major: Barrier Island *

Geographically Associated Soils: Hooksan, Duneland, Ipswich, Pawcatuck

Classification: ____ , ____ , ____ , ____ , ____ ____

Landuse: Other
Stoniness: 5.00 percent

Vegetative Information
Plant Symbol:
Plant Name: Rosa Spp., Dog Rose, Poison Ivy, Golden Rod, Virginia Creeper

Described by: Jim Turenne, Nicola Shirt, Richard Bonner

Notes: Surface is extremely cobbly/channery wave washed deposit, approx. 80-100% of surface (mapunit) is covered with wave ashed cobbles, up to 2 feet thick in areas; vegetation areas cover approx. 60% of mapunit; weather: sunny, dry, wind, 50 degrees F.; pit described to 80 cm, unable to dig deeper due to slumping.


C1-- 0 to 40 inches; white (2.5Y 8/1) extremely gravelly coarse sand; single grain; loose, nonsticky and nonplastic; 65 percent rounded mixed gravel and 10 percent rounded mixed cobbles; gradual wavy boundary. Dry's quickly; pit has excessively slumping side walls unable to dig > 80cm; shell fragments throughout profile; bag samples taken for extimates of rock fragments (cobble and channer %).


C2--40 to 80 inches; white (2.5Y 8/1) extremely gravelly coarse sand; nonsticky and nonplastic; 90 percent well rounded mixed gravel and 5 percent rounded cobbles. Layer is wet; pit has excessively slumping side walls; unable to dig > 80 cm; shell fragments throughout profile; clump of few coarse and medium roots, many very fine; in general few very fine roots on gravel & cobble fragments; bag samples taken for extimates of rock fragments (cobble and channer %).

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