The following is a map unit description from the "Soil Survey of Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, Massachusetts (Peragallo, 1989)"

Pr-Pits, quarry. This map unit consists of areas that have been excavated for rock products mostly of granite, diorite, and slate. The quarries are on upland hills and typically have vertical rock walls along the perimeter of the map units, on the working face. Map units are round or rectangular in shape and range from 4 to 60 acres.

Pools of water are at the bottom of some quarries. Piles of quarried and broken rock and piles of rock fragments and rock dust are at the bottom of others.

Most areas of Pits, quarry, are used in a quarrying operation. A few small areas have been abandoned and unreclaimed and are void of vegetation. Included in mapping are small areas of Urban land and Udorthents.

Areas of Pits, quarry, are very poorly suited to most uses. They require extensive site preparation and fill before they can be used as individual homesites.

The lack of soil material and the difficulty of excavation limit reclamation of these areas, and very few have been reclaimed. The areas are poorly suited to most uses because of exposed bedrock, a high percentage of small stone fragments, and very low available water capacity. Onsite investigation is needed to determine the suitability of the unit for any proposed use.

This map unit has not been assigned to a capability subclass.

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