The following is a map unit description from the "Soil Survey of Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, Massachusetts (Peragallo, 1989)"

Ur-Urban land, 0 to 15 percent slopes. This map unit consists of areas where 75 percent or more of the land is covered with impervious surfaces, such as buildings, pavement, industrial parks, and railroad yards. These areas are mapped throughout the survey area, typically in central business districts and along major roads and highways. They are in almost every landscape position. Areas are irregular in shape and have angular boundaries. They range from 6 to 1,000 acres.

Most of this map unit is covered with impervious surfaces; consequently, nearly all rainfall runs off. A storm drainage system is needed to control this excessive runoff.

Included with this unit in mapping are areas of Udorthents, loamy, and Udorthents, wet substratum. These inclusions commonly vary with the underlying soil material of the adjoining Urban land. Some units have areas of rock outcrops. Included areas make up about 15 percent of the map unit.

It was impractical to identify in all areas the underlying soil because of the extent of impervious surfaces. Onsite investigation is needed to determine the suitability for specific land uses.

This map unit has not been assigned to a capability subclass.

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