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LOCATION.-- Lat 41.675587 N, Lon 70.986666 W |  UTM NAD 83 Zone 19 meters: 334631.99 Easting,  4615661.38 Northing.
 Bristol County Massachusetts, Town of Dartmouth.
WELL CHARACTERISTICS.-- 2 inch slotted PVC pipe installed to a depth of 8 feet below the surface, a network of 6 wells is installed at this location data below is for the well at the highest position (elevation) on the landscape. Well were monitored during the following periods: 9/94 to 4/95, 11/95 to 6/99, 11/97 to 7/98, 10/98 to 12/98, 3/99 to 4/99, 6/99 and 12/99. A total of 77 observations were made.
ELEVATION.-- 180 feet (USGS Topo - National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929)
GEOLOGY-- Sandy loam eolian solum underlain by lodgement (dense) till. Landform is a east sloping side-slope of a drumlin.
SOIL TYPE.- Woodbridge Soils (moderately well drained). The estimated average seasonal high water table, based on soil morphology for this site is -1.5 feet below the surface based on soil morphology. Below is a description of the soil from a small hand-dug test pit:

Sandy loam eolian solum (A and B horizon) underlain by loamy lodgement (dense) till.
WELL OBSERVATIONS.--Below are the hydrographs of the wells.

Well DEG1:

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