1969 Plymouth County Soil Survey Atlas Sheets

Status: Currently out of print, published in 1969. Author: Charles Upham.
Publication Scale: Order 2 mapping at 1:20,000 scale with minimum delineations 6-8 acres.
Base Map Imagery: Unrectified Black and White aerial photography flown in 1964?

The USDA-NRCS is currently updating the soil survey of Plymouth County Massachusetts (the image to left is the cover of the 1969 report). The 1969 survey is currently out of print and only field copies of the mapping atlas sheets are available. For more information about the updated soil survey visit the Plymouth County Soil Survey Home Page at http://nesoil.com/plymouth.

As a way to provide copies of the old soil survey field sheets, I have scanned the mapping in the published 1969 report at 100 DPI resolution and converted them to GIF images and uploaded them to this server. Due to limited server space, I could not split the sheets into three pieces to allow for overlapping of map edges, this may cause problems if your area is on the edge of the photo. Try downloading the map to the east or west to see if the map unit symbol is visible. If you want a copy of the map sent to you by mail call the soil survey office (401-822-8830) or fax (508-291-2368) a location map for the area.

The Index map below is split into two sections for Northern and Southern Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Click on the area you need to go to the index map of the field sheets.

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