Directions for updating your registry for the Online edition:
NOTE: The SSSSNE registry is now available online and edits can be made at any time, the online version is considered the official registry. Only members paying their annual dues by August 1 will be kept on the official registry. Printed copies of the online version from August will be sent to all towns in CT.

If you have an existing registry entry:

  1. Go to the registry page ( ).

  2. Highlight your name and information.

  3. Click "Ctrl-C" (or edit-copy) to copy the text.

  4. Click here ( to email the info. When your email software opens paste ("Ctrl-V" or Edit-Paste) the text into the body and edit the text as you want it to appear in the online registry.

  5. Send the email - no confirmation (reply) will be sent back to you.

If you do not have a registry listing:

  1. Compose one using the format of the online registry: Name, Education, Experience, Current work activity, Employer, Address, Tel. and email (Employer and contact info is optional).

  2. Email the info to:

The Board of Directors reserves the right to edit registries as they see fit.

SUGGESTION: Rather than writing you have XX number of years experience as a Soil Scientist just say ...Soil Scientist since 19XX that way you do not need to change your listing each year. If you are just adding a year to your current listing just email to add 1 year rather than cut-paste the whole listing. If you already emailed an update please do not send another one.

Sample Registry:

Alfie D. Pedon  - Private Consultant

BS Agronomy and MS Soil Science, All-American University, 1984.  Ten years experience as soil scientist with USDA, NRCS in New York and Connecticut.  Presently, and since 1995, Principal Soil Scientist, Soil Science Inc., specializing in site assessment, wetland delineations, and wildlife habitat evaluation.  Phone: 860-555-2699.  4 Main Street, Anytown, CT 06000

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