Soil Survey of Bristol County, Massachusetts


The following Map Unit Description is from the 1981 Soil Survey of Bristol County, NORTHERN Part. Please note: map unit symbols are DIFFERENT for Bristol North and Bristol South reports, do NOT use these descriptions for Bristol South.

Du-Dumps. Dumps are landfill or sanitary landfill. They are mostly on outwash terraces and many dumps are adjacent to streams. Most mapped areas are from 3 to 40 acres in size. They are distributed throughout the county.

Dumps are used to dispose of trash. They consist largely of paper, metal, plastic, and glass. A few dumps include industrial waste, tree stumps, old car bodies, concrete, and debris from the destruction of buildings. The older dumps have no soil; the dump material was commonly burned.

Included with the dumps in mapping are small areas, generally less than 1 acre in size, of Westbrook soil and Udorthents, smoothed. A few small dumps have outcrops of bedrock. A few dumps that are adjacent to larger streams are subject to flooding along the edges.

Dumps require onsite investigation and evaluation for land use decisions. The composition of the leachate produced within the dump, its destination, and its effect are important considerations. A few dumps have been successfully used for industrial sites. Capability subclass not assigned.

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