Soil Survey of Bristol County, Massachusetts


The following Map Unit Description is from the 1981 Soil Survey of Bristol County, NORTHERN Part. Please note: map unit symbols are DIFFERENT for Bristol North and Bristol South reports, do NOT use these descriptions for Bristol South.

Sb-Scarboro mucky loamy fine sand. This soil is deep, level or nearly level, and very poorly drained. It is in pockets and depressions on outwash plains. The mapped areas are generally irregular in shape and range from 5 to 40 acres in size.

Typically, about 6 inches of organic material overlies the mineral surface layer. The lower part is almost completely decomposed. The mineral surface layer is black, mucky, loamy fine sand 6 inches thick. The subsurface layer is gray loamy sand about 6 inches thick. The substratum to a depth of 60 inches is mottled, dark grayish brown loamy sand in the upper 18 inches and mottled, dark grayish brown sand in the lower 30 inches.

Included with this soil in mapping are areas of Wareham and Walpole soils that are generally less than 4 acres in size. Also included are areas of soils in which the substratum is massive and very firm in places and areas of soils in which the substratum is very firm very fine sand or silt loam. Included soils make up about 20 percent of the map unit.

Permeability is rapid, and available water capacity is moderate. Reaction is very strongly acid or medium acid. The root zone is limited by the high water table which is at or near the surface more than 9 months of the year .

This soil is mostly in woodland. Small areas of soil are used for pasture, and some acreage has been drained and is used for cultivated crops. The soil has good potential for wetland wildlife habitat.

The soil is poorly suited to cultivated crops, hay, and pasture. It has a high water table.

The soil is limited for woodland because of the high water table. The water table restricts the root zone and creates a hazard to production of some species. It is also a concern in logging operations.

The soil is limited for urban use and for sanitary waste disposal facilities. The high water table of long duration is a limitation. Capability subclass Vw.

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