Soil Survey of Bristol County, Massachusetts


The following Map Unit Description is from the 1981 Soil Survey of Bristol County, NORTHERN Part. Please note: map unit symbols are DIFFERENT for Bristol North and Bristol South reports, do NOT use these descriptions for Bristol South.

UD-Udorthents, smoothed. Udorthents, smoothed, consists of areas from which soil material has been excavated, and nearby areas in which this material has been deposited. The original soil material is generally excessively drained to moderately well drained, and ranges from nearly level to very steep. The mapped areas are elongated along roads, irregular near shopping centers or factories, and rectangular around athletic fields. They range from 4 to 30 acres in size. Depth of excavation and fill ranges from 2 to 20 feet. Texture generally ranges from sand and gravel to fine sandy loam, but in some places it is silt loam. Udorthents, smoothed, have a level or nearly level central part and strongly sloping to very steep margins.

Included in mapping in some places are areas of Urban land that have been altered and obscured by urban works and structures. Also included are places that have been filled with trash that can be very unstable for long periods of time. The inclusions make up about 20 percent of this map unit.

Permeability ranges from slow to very rapid, and available water capacity ranges from high to very low. Gravel and cobblestones are adundant in areas of this map unit that are associated with glacial outwash soils; stones and boulders are abundant in areas that are associated with glacial till soils.

These areas are stable. Some places have structures or impervious material on the level part and vegetation on the slopes. The areas have poor potential for farming, for sanitary waste disposal facilities, and for woodland or wildlife habitat. They are in urban use for roads, highways, schools, shopping centers, and athletic fields.

Because of the variability of these areas, limitations for alternative use can be determined only by onsite inspection. Capability subclass not assigned.

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