Soil Survey of Bristol County, Massachusetts


The following Map Unit Description is from the 1981 Soil Survey of Bristol County, NORTHERN Part. Please note: map unit symbols are DIFFERENT for Bristol North and Bristol South reports, do NOT use these descriptions for Bristol South.

Ur-Urban Land. Urban land is so altered or obscured by urban works and structures that identification of soils is not possible. Buildings, industrial areas, paved parking lots, sidewalks, roads, and railroad yards cover most of the surfaces. The mapped areas of Urban land commonly have sharp angular boundaries and are irregular in shape. Areas vary from 50 to several hundred acres in size.

Included in this map unit on the soil map are some small areas of Paxton, Charlton, Hinckley, Unadilla, Windsor, and Merrimac soils. Also included are some areas of Udorthents, smoothed.

These areas are in urban use. Onsite investigation is needed to solve soil-related problems. Capability subclass not assigned.

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