Nesoil Historic Soil Documents

The following are historic soil documents that were converted to electronic format by the RI USDA-NRCS Soil Survey Program and Nesoil. If you have a documents about soils in New England that you would like to contribute contact

Historical Soil Maps of the U.S. (University of Alabama) | Historic USGS Maps of New England (RI Maps Available Georeferenced - email for info)

1939 Soil Survey of Kent and Washington Counties, RI
Soil Map for 1939 Survey

1942 Soil Survey of Newport and Bristol Counties, RI
Soil Map for 1942 Survey (includes Block Island)

1943 Soil Survey of Providence County, RI
Soil Map for 1943 Survey

Bridgehampton Soils

Charlton Soils

Paxton Soils

Tidal Marshes of Connecticut and Rhode Island

Soils of RI Landscapes

1904 RI Soil Survey
Newport Map Sheet
Providence Map Sheet

Pedon Descriptions for the RI Soil Survey (1968-1977)

1989 Soil Survey of Rhode Island (with maps)

Hans Jenny Factors of Soil Formation.

Soils of Europe - Section on Subaqueous Soils - by Dr. Walter Kubiena, 1953

1977 Spade and Auger Newsletter - Volume 1 Number 1

Soil Drainage Classes for New England Region (1991)