New England Soil Profiles

Aquents Miscellaneous Soil

Aquents are poorly to very poorly drained soils formed in human transported material or on excavated (cut) landscapes.

These profiles are from an athletic field in Bedford Massachusetts. The fields were constructed in a wet area, sandy fill material (anthrotransported deposits) was placed over the buried hydric soils (Birdsall Series). The photo on the left consists of a 7 inch topsoil fill layer (Fp or Ap horizon), a layer 2 inch (7 to 9 inches) layer of mixed sandy fill material, and the buried Birdsall soils at 9 inches below the surface (Oab horizon).  The photo on the right are two soil trays shown in relative elevation location, the morphology of the two soils can be seen - the higher soil has a brighter fill layer.

Photo courtesy of Ruth Ladd, U.S. ACOE
Photo Location: Page Field, Bedford MA.


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