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Soil Science

A Compendium of On-Line Soil Survey Information

Field Guide For Describing Soils - Excellent PDF document for describing soils.

Field Indicators for Identifying Hydric Soils in New England (Free PDF Download from NEIWPCC)

Gloassary of Soil Terms (nesoil)  |  Glossary of Soil Terms (SSSA) - Soil and Soil Survey Info for New England

Official Soil Series Descriptions - Need information about a soil series?

National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists

National Soil Survey Center

NRCS MO-12 Homepage

URI Laboratory of Pedology and Soil Environmental Science

Society of Soil Scientist of Northern New England

Society of Soil Scientist of Southern New England

Soil Landscape Illustrations - Good site with soil profiles and landscapes from Canada.

Soil Quality Institute - USDA-NRCS

Soil Science Society of America

Soil Survey Manual - Complete information about soil survey and describing soils (Chapter 3).

Soil Under a Microscope: Evaluating Soils in Another Dimension

Soil and Water Conservation Society, Southern New England

UMASS Soil Testing

World of Soil - Fred Moore's Home Page

Rhode Island USDA-NRCS Homepage

URI Department of Natural Resources Science

UMASS Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

United States Consortium of Soil Science Associations

Soil Survey Equipment

Bug Shirt - Keeps those mosquitoes and other pests from biting!

Forestry Suppliers

Soil Temperature Loggers - Pendant loggers

Ben Meadows

Dutch Augers - One Piece Combo 7 cm blade recommended!

Odyssey - low cost water table loggers.

IRIS Tube - Indicator of Reduction in Soils (IRIS)tubes visually reflect currenthydric soil conditions caused by recent anaerobic and reducingprocesses. IRIS devices can identify hydric soils in wetlands,investigate depth of saturation in soils, identify failed septicsystems, and qualitatively analyze soil organic carbon content.

Monitoring Wells - 2 in slotted PVC -



A Tapestry of Time and Terrain

Building the Northern Appalachian Mountains and New England - Geological Histroy of Jamestown, RI

Geology and Formation of New England

Geology Wing Entrance (Geologic Time & Plate Tectonics)

Ice Ages in New England

This Dynamic Earth (USGS)

URI Geology Department


ARS Science 4 Kids!

Geological Society of America - Education and Teacher Resources (K-12 Lesson Plans)

Geology and the Formation of New England - From Memorial Hall Museum (5-6th grade)

GLOBE Project

Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom

National Soil Survey Center Soil Education Page

S.K. Worm Answers Your Questions About Soil and Stuff!

Soil-net - - is a free and compelling environmental Internet resource for Key Stages 1-4 providing teachers and students extensive curriculum-based information about soil. - NEW

The Learning Web at the U.S. Geological Survey

The Pedosphere and Its Dynamics

The Space Place

Online Schools -

Environmental and Other Links

Association of Massachusetts Wetland Scientists | Society of Wetland Scientists

British Virgin Islands Trustees - National Parks, USA

Conanicut Island Land Trust

Current Water Resource Conditions (USGS)

Connecticut Association of Wetland Scientists

Environmental News Network

Mass. Department of Environmental Protection

  • Title V
    Massachusetts DEP Publications by Program
  • National Small Flows Clearinghouse

    Nature Conservancy

    Natural Resources Defense Council - The Earth's Best Defense

    NE Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission

    Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds - EPA

    PLANTS National Database

    RI/MA USGS Homepage

    Rhode Island Cooperative Extension (RI GIS data available for download)

    Rhode Island Forest Conservators Organization

    Wetland Publications - USACOE web site with information about wetlands.

    URI Onsite Wastewater Training Center

    Soil Profile Photos

    Soil profiles from the Northeast (Includes links to other soil profiles)

    The Twelve Soil Orders (University of Idaho)


    Connecticut Geographic Information Center

    David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - 6,480 online maps!

    Earth Science Information Office, University of Massachusetts (Cartographic Information Service)

    FEMA Flood Maps

    General Soil Maps for Plymouth County Massachusetts

    Google Earth - Dowload the free program and view the world! After installing check out the soil observation points file from Nesoil

    Historic USGS Maps of New England (RI has these Geo-referenced for use on a GIS email for info)

    Historical Soil Maps of the U.S. (University of Alabama)

    Maps and References (Links to all types of maps)

    Maptech Map Server (Topos, Nautical charts)

    Massachusetts Geographic Information System

    Microsoft Local Live (Bing Maps) - Birds eye imagery for all of Rhode Island!

    The National Atlas of the United States of America

    National Geographic Map Machine

    Rhode Island GIS

    Terra Server (Online source for high-resolution aerial photos)

    Topo Zone - USGS topographic maps anywhere in the U.S.

    USDA:NRCS:Geospatial Data Gateway - Digital Soil Data, Ortho Imagery, USGS Topographic Maps, Hydrology.

    Wetlands Interactive Mapping Tool (USFWS-NWI Maps)

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