Soil Survey of Nantucket County Massachusetts
The following map unit description is from the published "Soil Survey of Nantucket County, Massachusetts"

UAC-Udipsamments, rolling. These rolling, excessively drained to moderately well drained soils are on sand dunes and in troughs between dune ridges. The soils are in narrow strips that parallel the ocean, are on spits, and are in offshore areas, some of which are connected to the main island. The areas range from 3 to 200 acres. Slopes are short and steep.

Most areas of these soils are gray or light gray sand. A few concave areas have faint mottles at a depth of more than 2 feet.

Included with these soils in mapping are areas with a thin, dark gray to black surface layer and small, narrow areas of Beaches. These inclusions make up about 20 percent of the unit.

The permeability of these soils is rapid. Available water capacity is low.

Most areas of these soils have been stabilized by volunteer stands of vegetation which ranges from a very sparse beach grass to dense thickets of Atlantic whitecedar. The vegetation is generally fragile and unable to withstand vehicular traffic and heavy foot traffic (fig. 10). Exposed areas revegetate slowly and are subject to soil blowing.

The soils are poorly suited to most uses but are suitable for some types of recreation.

Capability subclass not assigned.

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