Soil Water Table Monitoring Index well MA027 - Ridgebury - Scituate Soil Catena, Lakeville, MA.

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LOCATION.-- 4148'5.76" N Lat, 7055'44.40"W Lon. Plymouth County, Town of Lakeville, MA. 1,230 feet ENE of the intersection of Route 18 and Long Pond Shore Drive.
WELL CHARACTERISTICS.--There are 7 wells installed along the side slope of a drumlin all wells were 2 inch PVC slotted pipe. The wells were labeled MA027.7 (Scituate soils highest elevation) through MA027.1 (Ridgebury soils on a concave swale) the wells were installed in  January 11, 1991 and monitored through December, 1993. These wells were installed as part of a hydric soil study by UMASS (Adopt-A-Well).
ELEVATION.-- Surface is 115 feet above sea level, from Google Earth.
SOIL TYPE.--The network of 7 wells are on a Scituate-Ridgebury Catena. Wells MA027.5, MA027.6, and MA027.7 are on Scituate Soils - moderately well drained soil formed dense lodgement till. Click for a complete pedon description of the soil log from the MARS01 well. Wells MA027.4 through MA027.1 (wettest) are in Ridgebury Soils - poorly drained soils formed in lodgement till.
GEOLOGY.-- Sandy loam eolian mantle underlain by lodgement till. The network of wells are on a sideslope of a drumlin from a convex landform to a concave drainage swale.
WELL OBSERVATIONS.--Below are the hydrographs for the wells - top graph is for the wells on the concave drainage swale (Ridgebury Soils) the bottom graph is for the non-hydric Scituate soils.


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