Soil Survey of Bristol County, Massachusetts


The following Map Unit Description is from the 1981 Soil Survey of Bristol County, Southern Part. Please note: map unit symbols are DIFFERENT for Bristol South and Bristol North reports, do NOT use these descriptions for Bristol North.

Be-Beaches. This unit consists of nearly level and gently sloping coastal areas. The areas range from about 5 to 1 00 acres. Most are about 20 acres. The part of the unit closest to the water is inundated daily by tides, and the entire unit is inundated by spring tides and storm tides.

Included with this unit in mapping are small areas of Udipsamments, hilly, and small areas of Pawcatuck and Ipswich soils. Included areas make up about 10 percent of the unit.

Tidal inundation makes this unit unsuitable for most uses other than recreation.

Capability subclass: not assigned.

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