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Limerick Series
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Limerick soils are poorly drained soils formed in silty alluvial deposits on modern day floodplains. Photo by Rob Tunstead USDA-NRCS. Photo Location - USGS Whitman quadrangle, Town of East Bridgewater, C.N. Smith Farm, floodplain of the Matfield River. 0.4 miles Northwest of intersection of Bridge St. and South St., 0.7 miles South/Southwest of intersection of Sachem Rock Ave and Route 106.

Latitude:   42 degrees 0 minutes 31.70 seconds north
Longitude:   70 degrees 56 minutes 57.70 seconds west
Datum:   NAD83
UTM Zone:   19
UTM Easting:   338578 meters
UTM Northing:   4652592 meters

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