New England Soil Profiles
Merrimac Series
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Merrimac Soils are somewhat excessively drained soils formed in sandy loam eolian material underlain by stratified fluvial sand and gravel. They are mapped on outwash plains, deltas, kames, and other fluvial landscapes.

This Merrimac profile has a 15 inch fine sandy loam Ap horizon, from 15 to 20 inches is a fine sandy loam Bw1 horizon, 20 to 30 inches is a fine sandy loam Bw2 horizon (the dark vertical streaks are worm burrows), and below 30 inches is a 2C horizon consisting of stratified fluvial sand and gravel. Photo by Rob Tunstead, NRCS, Location 42 39' 02.1"N, 70 50' 57.6"W (Essex County Massachusetts).

Merrimac Pedon S08MA023002 - Click for Pedon Description

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