Soil Map Unit Description from the Soil Survey of Rhode Island

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Ip - Ipswich peat.

This nearly level, very poorly drained soil is in tidal marshes in bays and coves. It is subject to tidal inundation. Most areas are irregular in shape and range from 10 to 200 acres. Slopes are less than 1 percent.

Typically this soil has a surface layer of very dark grayish brown peat 11 inches thick. The subsurface layers are very dark grayish brown mucky peat to a depth of 70 inches or more.

Included with this soil in mapping are small areas of very poorly drained Matunuck soils and small areas of soils that have a surface layer 16 to 51 inches thick. Included areas make up about 5 percent of this map unit.

The permeability of this soil is moderate through rapid. Available water capacity is high, and runoff is very slow. The soil is strongly acid through neutral.

Tidal inundation, a high water table at the surface and a high salt content make this soil unsuitable for most uses except as wetland wildlife habitat for saltwater- tolerant species. Capability subclass VIIIw; woodland group not assigned.

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