2nd National Workshop on Subaqueous Soils
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Billington - Coarse-silty, mixed, nonacid, mesic, Thapto-Histic Sulfiwassents

Soil Laboratory Analysis

Nagunt - Mixed, mesic, Sulfic Psammowassents

DATES: August 8 through 13, 2010

Contact: Jim Turenne, RI State Soil Scientist - 401-822-8830 or cell 401-255-6206

 LOCATION: Kingston, RI (Dorm lodging available for $35-$45/night, a list of nearby hotels will be provided. Lectures at University of Rhode Island and various locations, Field activities at various locations around Rhode Island)

 TARGET AUDIENCE: Soil Scientists, National Cooperative Soil Survey partners, researchers, students, and interested coastal professionals. Workshop is targeted to individuals interested in applying subaqueous soil mapping techniques and research for both estuarine and fresh water environments. A two day informative tour is planned in September for those interested in subaqueous concepts but not conducting mapping or research.

 NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Limited to 24 people (32 total with instructors). The limited numbers are due to logistics for field sites.

1.         Provide the latest methodology in mapping, sampling, and data collection for subaqueous (fresh and saline) and coastal soils.
2.         Demonstrate the tools and technology in the field for creating bathymetric maps, acoustic surveys, and soil mapping.
3.         Discuss soil taxonomy, NASIS data elements related to subaqueous soils, and research in soil interpretations.

FORMAT: Days will be split between time spent in class covering principles and associated background information and time spent in the field where participants will obtain first hand experience in all aspects of subaqueous soil survey.


  • Historical background of Subaqueous Soils.
  • Mapping protocol and data collection.
  • Boating safety and rules on the water.
  • Coastal geologic processes.
  • Developments of soil taxonomy, lab analysis, and subaqueous soil-landscape models.
  • NASIS and Pedon data and new amendments.
  • Current research and Interpretations.
  • Updates on subaqueous mapping in U.S.


  • Bathymetric data collection for use in developing subaqueous soil landscape models, observations of submerged landscapes.
  • Describing subaqueous soil pedons, sampling and interpretations.
  • Field mapping and sampling techniques (vibracoring, and traditional tools).
  • Fresh water subaqueous soils and interpretations.

Fee includes all materials, equipment, transportation to field sites, park entry fees, use of marine vessels, and cookout. Registration does not include transportation to the workshop, lodging or meals.

LODGING: Dorm rooms are available for $35 to $45/night per person. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn located in North Kingstown for the government per diem rate of $96/night - the rooms are reserved until July 8 just use the group code "USD" when reserving.

Reservation Options:

Hotel Direct:  401-789-1051, Toll Free:  877-805-9008

Online:  www.HolidayInn.com/skingstownri  group code USD


Mark Stolt - Professor of Soil Science, Univ. of RI
Martin C. Rabenhorst - Professor of Pedology, Univ. of MD
Jim Turenne, RI State Soil Scientist, USDA-NRCS
Maggie Payne, Soil Scientist, RI USDA-NRCS
Patrick Drohan Assistant Professor of Soil Science, Penn State



Society Soil Scientist of Southern New England
University of Rhode Island
University of Maryland
Penn State





Point Judith Pond, RI


SAS Data Products:
bathy, acoustic, soil, habitat


Soil Mapping/Data Collection

Freshwater Bathymetry

George Demas

Eelgrass meadow growing on Nagunt Soils