Spring 2007 Recent Advances in Soil Science Conference Presentations

Below are PDF copies of the presentations made at the June 13th SSSSNE conference at Alton Jones Campus. If you have any questions you were unable to ask due to lack of time please send questions to jimturenne@gmail.com let me know which talk you are directing your question to and I will post the question in each session and notify the speaker and post the answer. Thanks to all those people attending the conference.

Michael Whited: Upcoming Soils Related Changes to the Methods for Identifying Hydric Soils and Delineating Wetlands


Mark Stolt: New Approaches for Identifying Aquic Conditions and Seasonal High Water Table Levels WETS Table Link/Soil Climate: http://nesoil.com/climate
Development and Evaluation of Iron-Coated Tubes that Indicate Reduction in Soils (Abstract)
Jim Turenne: New Horizon Designations for Anthropogenic Soils and other NRCS updates ICOMANTH -Circular 6 http://clic.cses.vt.edu/icomanth/ICOMANTH_Circular6.pdf
Maggie Payne: Partnering to Map Coastal Soils/ Subaqueous Soil-Water Quality Relationships www.mapcoast.org



Shawn McVey: Brimfield and Brookfield - Post Active Acid Sulfate Soils  
  Mark Stolt: Understanding Hydrologic Patterns in Filled Wetlands and Anthropogenic Soils  
Lorraine Joubert: Site Specific Soil Mapping Standards and Procedures for Rhode Island November 15, 2007. URI Onsite Wastewater Training Center Class “Using the new RI Site Specific Soil Mapping Guide” 8am-5pm Register at www.uri.edu/ce/wq
Harvey Luce: Soil Loss Related to Nursery Activities  
David Millar: Soil Quality and Sod Farming  
Jamie Morgan: Geochemical patterns in calcareous fens of Massachusetts