2011 Recent Advances in Soil Science Workshop, November 2, 2011 Alton Jones Campus

Thanks to all for attending, photos are posted at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.215170901888760.55371.109584875780697&type=3

Donald Parizek: Evaluating the TF2 Hydric Soil Indicator for Red Parent Material Soils of the Connecticut Valley

Mark Stolt: Development and application of multi-proxy indices of land use change for riparian soils of southern New England

Donald Parizek: CT NRCS Soil Mapping Updates and Activities in Southern New England

Maggie Payne: Rhode Island and MA. NRCS Soil Mapping Updates and Rapid Carbon

Bryan Oakley: Extent of Glacial Lakes in Southern New England

Jonathan Bakken: Mapping Freshwater Subaqueous Soils

Bryan Oakley: Benthic Geologic Habitat Mapping

Mark Stolt: Understanding Soil Organic Carbon for Hydric Soil Identification and Carbon Accounting

Jim Turenne: Evaluating the Mesic-Spodic National Hydric Soil Test Indicator

Mark Stolt: Determining Soil Organic Carbon in Hydric Soils

Eric Scherer: Soil Quality and Depth Standards

Jillian Phillips: Hydrologic Soil Groups for High Intensity Soil Maps

Julia Hyman: Denitrification Hotspots in Fluvial Systems