2nd National Workshop on Subaqueous Soils

August 8 to 13, 2010, Kingston, RI
Schedule Matrix

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Sunday August 8th

Monday, August 9th

Tuesday, August 10th

Wednesday, August 11th

Thursday, August 12th

Friday, August 13th

Morning Travel Day Lecture Session 1 Field Session 2

Group 1: Pedon  Descriptions
Group 2: Freshwater SAS
Group 3: Bathy and Landscapes
Group 4: Vibracoring

Field Session 3

Group 1: Freshwater SAS
Group 2: Bathy and Landscapes
Group 3: Vibracoring
Group 4: Pedon  Descriptions


Field Session 3

Group 1: Bathy and Landscapes
Group 2: Vibracoring
Group 3: Pedon  Descriptions
Group 4: Freshwater SAS


Travel Day
Afternoon   Field Session 1

Group 1: Vibracoring
Group 2: Pedon Descriptions
Group 3: Freshwater SAS
Group 4: Bathy and Landscapes

Lecture Session 2 Lecture Session 3 Lecture Session 4  
Evening       Technical Field Tour/Social    

Group Session Information:

Pedon Descriptions - Group Leaders Mark Stolt and Martin Rabenhorst
At this session participants will review describing subaqueous soil pedons and collecting samples for laboratory analysis. Vibracore samples collected in the other session will be cut open and described using the methodology developed. Pedons will be sampled using field meters, bulk density sampling, and other methods to assist with classification. Each pedon will be entered in a pedon description form and classified to the series (if possible) level.

Freshwater Subaqueous Soils - Group Leaders Patrick Drohan and Jonathan Baaken
This session will visit several fresh water systems currently being mapped and researched. Attendees will learn how these systems are mapped and data collected such as bathymetry, ground-penetrating radar, and sampling. Examples of subaquatic vegetation will be shown to the group including both invasiv and non-invasive SAV.

Bathymetry and Landscapes - Group Leaders Maggie Payne and Mike Bradley
This session will go over methods for bathymetric data including using an RTK GPS to determine NAVD elevation, use of acoustic single beam fathometers, and field techniques for running tracklines. The group will also visit the major landscape units and observe the benthic ecology and soil types.

Vibracoring and Field Mapping tools/techniques - Group Leader Jim Turenne
This session will show the group how to collect vibracore samples and the use of traditional sampling equipment. The point data collection methods used in the field will also be demonstrated.

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