New England Soil Profiles
Massasoit and Mashpee Series
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Massasoit soils (formerly mapped Saugatuck Series) and Mashpee soils (formerly mapped Pipestone series) are poorly drained soils formed in glacial fluvial deposits. Massasoit and Mashpee soils are Spodosols and have a leached layer (Eg soil horizon) underlain by iron-humus rich layers, called a spodic horizons (Bh, Bs, Bhs). The photo right has nails placed (right of measuring tape) at each horizon.

Massasoit Soil (with Ortstein)
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Pedon S07MA023004 - Mashpee Series (click for full

Mashpee click for pedon description
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Photos: Pete Fletcher, photo top left - Barnstable County, Mass. photo right - Wareham, Massachusetts.
Photo Bottom Left: Rob Tunstead

Massasoit Map Unit Description

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