Bedrock Map Unit Complexes

A soil map unit complex consists of two or more kinds of soil in such and intricate pattern or so small in area that it was not practical or in some cases, possible to map them separately at the selected scale of mapping. The following map units are soil complexes mapped in Plymouth County, a brief description of the map unit is provided along with links to each series description in the complex:

Hollis Pedon Description MA00501
Chatfield Pedon Description 2311102

Bedrock Map Unit (s)
105 Rock outcrop - Hollis complex.
110 Canton - Chatfield - Rock outcrop complex.
111 Chatfield - rock outcrop - Canton complex

These three map units are in bedrock controlled areas primarily in the northern and western part of Plymouth County but also in isolated areas throught the County. Bedrock controlled uplands are landforms where solid rock underlies the soil or other unconsolidated material or the bedrock is exposed at the surface. For information on the type of bedrock, see the geology section.

Map unit 105 consists primarily of rock outcrop with small areas of Hollis soils, which have bedrock within 20 inches of the surface. These areas are generally unsuited for most uses due to the hard bedrock.

Map unit 110 consists of very deep (greater than 60 inches to bedrock) Canton soils and moderately deep (20 to 40 inches to bedrock) Chatfield soils. Bedrock outcrops are usually found on knobs and hummocks.

Map unit 111 consists primarily of moderately deep to bedrock Chatfield soils and areas of bedrock outcrops. Canton soils are found on concave slopes.

Soil Suitability:

Agriculture: Canton soils are well suited to agricultural production. Chatfield soils are also suited for agricultural production but have shallow rooting depth and tend to have many rock fragments in the subsoil.

Woodland: Map unit 110 is well suited, map units 111 and 105 are poorly suited due to shallow depth to bedrock and treethrow hazard.

Development: Map unit 110 is fairly well suited to development. Major limitations are related to areas that have shallow depth to bedrock. Blasting is often needed to excavate. Map units 111 and 105 are poorly suited for development due to shallow depth to bedrock.

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