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SSSSNE Workshop Presentations

Below are presentations made at society workshops.

2014 Recent Advances - Alton Jones

Al Averill - MA NRCS Update | Don Parizek - 12-Toll Update | Jim Turenne - RI Soil Survey Update | Jen Cooper - Onsite, Soil, Climate | Hydric Soils: Red Soil | Mesic Spodic | Stolt - hydric Soils | Nels Barret - Ecologic Site Inventory | Maggie Payne - Soil Health | Parizek - Field Book version 3 | Mark Stolt Presentations: How good is your colorbook? | Inconsistencies in organic soils | Simplified Taxonomy

SSSSNE 40th Anniversary Slide Show Presentation


2007 Recent Advances in Soil Science Conference

Soil changes to methods for ID hydric soils and delineating wetlands, new approaches for ID aquic conditions and SHWT, New horizon designations for anthropogenic soils, partnering to map coastal soils, post active acid sulfte soils, hydrologic patterns in filled wetlands, site specific mapping standards, in RI, soil loss in nursery operations, soil quality and sod farming, geochemical patterns in calcareous fens,

2011 Recent Advances in Soil Science Conference

Evaluating TF-2 red hydic soil indicator, land use change in riparian soils, NRCS updates, Rapid Carbon Assessment, extent of glacial lakes in southern New England, mapping freshwater subaqueous soils, soil organic carbon in hydric soils, hydrologic soil groups for high intensity maps, denitrfication hotspots in fluvial systems

More to come!