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New Subaqueous Soils Areas Added to Web Soil Survey: Niantic Bay (CT), Barnegat Bay (NJ), Sinepuxent Bay (MD), Rehobeth and Inian Bay (DE)

Billington - Coarse-silty, mixed, nonacid, mesic, Thapto-Histic Sulfiwassents

Soil Laboratory Analysis

Nagunt - Mixed, mesic, Sulfic Psammowassents

General Information:

Glossary Of Terms For Subaqueous Soils, Associated Landscapes, Landforms, And Related Materials- by Mark Stolt

Coastal Zone Survey Fact Sheet


Mapping Shallow Coastal Ecosystems: A Case Study of a Rhode Island Lagoon (JCR paper), Stolt, Bradley, Turenne, Payne
Estuarine Subaqueous Soil Temperature (Stolt, Salisbury 2011)
Payne, Stolt - Understanding sulfide distribution in subaqueous soil systems in southern New England, USA
Freshwater Subaqueous Soil Survey - Baaken/Stolt - Thesis Defense
Freshwater Subaqueous Soil Survey - Condensed, RI Work Plan Conference
MapCoast 41N Special Edition
Demas, Rabenhorst, 2001 Factors of Subaqueous soil formation
Demas, Rabenhorst, 1998 World Congress Proceedings resource
Demas, Rabenhorst, 1999 Pedogenesis in submerged environment
Demas - Soil Survey Horizons, Submerged Soils: A New Frontier in Soil Survey
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Erich_etal_2010 Subaqueous soils: their genesis and importance in ecosystem management
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Payne - Soil Survey Horizons, Fall 2009 - MapCoast Partnership
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Kubiena, Soils of Europe - Section on Subaqueous Soils
Draft Methods Manual for Subaqueous Soil Mapping
MapCoast 2004 User Conference Synthesis Report
Ditzler - Classification, Mapping, and Interpretation of Subaqueous Soils (Draft)
Demas - Subaqueous Soils of Sinepuxent Bay Maryland: Ph.D. Dissertation
Salisbury, Stolt - Developing Subaqueous Soil Interpretations

Web/Internet Resources

Subaqueous Soil Google Earth File (requires the free Google Earth program)
Coastal Zone Soil Survey Information Page - NRCS
Google Map showing soil cores collected in Barnegat Bay NJ
Point Data Google Earth File showing location of subqueous soil observations in RI.


Presentations from the 2018 Coastal Zone Workshop, Savannah Georgia
Presentations from the 2nd National Workshop on Subaqueous Soils 2010 Rhode Island
Presentations made at the National Workshop for Subaqueous Soils in Delaware 2003
Benthic Geologic Habitat Mapping (Oakley)
Subaqueous Soil Landscapes Help To Understand Patterns in Coastal Acidification (Still)
 Coastal Blue Carbon - Presentation on soil organic carbon in subaqueous soils (Stolt)

Multimedia (YouTube Channel)

Vibracoring 101 - how to video on collecting subaqueous soil cores
Subaqueous Soil Mapping - Great Salt Pond
Sampling a Tidal Marsh Soil - Narrow River, RI
Video on Acid Sulfate Soils - 8th International Conference
Ecologic Site Inventory - Subaqueous soils
Sea Level Rise and submerged soils
Violent Soil - Reaction with peroxide and sulfides.
Nesoil video page
Subaqueous soil image page
MapCoast Watershed Report - 2005 Stolt/Bradley | Youtube
MapCoast Watershed Reort - 2007 Turenne | YouTube
Freshwater Subaqueous Soil Sampling - Penn State


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Eelgrass meadow growing on Nagunt Soils